Comparing Objects – More Than Less Than

more than, less than or equal to

These free printable worksheets will help your students learn the concepts related to more, less, greatest, least, fewer and the ordering of numbers, comparing the number of objects in each group.

In these math worksheets students select which group has more (or fewer) objects.  No numbers are shown.  The objective is to introduce the concept of “more than” and “fewer than” first in real terms rather than representations (numbers).

Students will compare the objects for more than less than. They will do this by looking at two groups of objects, then they will be asked to circle either the group of objects with either more than or fewer than.

All of the worksheets on are free and printable. Leave a comment and let us know how your student is doing with the worksheets.

More than-Less than

Identifying Initial Sounds

Identify groups with more/fewer objects
Circle the group with more than or less than objects.
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Words that begin with the letter i
Circle the pictures and words that start with the letter i.
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write trace the letter i
find words that start with the letter i

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