Learning Color Words and Colors

spell your color

Below are worksheets on learning color words and colors (or as we sometimes refer to spelling colors).  Students are shown a color and asked to trace and print the color word as well as circle real world objects of that same color.  One worksheet each for blue, red, green, yellow, orange, purple, and brown.

Your students will be learning to read, write and identify basic colors by using these worksheets. Learning color words and colors is an important skill to master and this activity with also help improve fine motor skills. We want your students to be able to instantly recognize the basic colors as well as to be able to read the words corresponding to those colors.

Kids will have fun learning and practicing their basic colors by writing the word and then sorting through the objects to find the ones that correspond with the color word. All of the worksheets on AcademyWorksheets.com are free and printable. Leave a comment and let us know how your student is doing with the worksheets.

learn to spell your colors
match the color to the spelling of the word

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